Photos from the Niehaus fan memorial

If you missed the Dave Niehaus fan memorial on Saturday, Mariners photographer Ben VanHouten captured a lot of the scene at Safeco Field.

You can click here for one photo gallery of Ben’s work and here’s a second gallery.

It was an emotional afternoon and I was very impressed with the job done by the Mariners to honor Niehaus in such short order.

There’ll be a more formal memorial — or a celebration of Dave’s life — coming in a few weeks at Safeco Field. The Mariners want to get that right, so they’re taking their time to get everything lined up before announcing a date.

I have no doubt that will be an incredibly moving day. Without question, Niehaus meant a great deal to a whole lot of people. I talked to some of the fans at Saturday’s event and was blown away by the way they presented their thoughts on how much he meant.

One fan told me how his aging mom and aunt used to listen to Dave and the Mariners each night, how that was the highlight of their day, which reminded me of my own mom and how much she used to enjoy the broadcasts and build her day around them as well back in the late ’90s. I’m guessing lots of people can relate to that.

A younger fan wearing an autographed Niehaus jersey beamed as he told me how much Dave meant to him, his words really capturing what so many people felt and are absorbing now.

Everyone I spoke with had their own story to tell and you can read that story here.

While I’m thinking of it, I also wanted to alert Niehaus fans that Pat Hughes of WGN radio in Chicago has produced a series of CDs featuring some of baseball’s all-time great announcers and you can get a copy of his Niehaus compilation for $14.95 through this website.

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