Take two! Felix and Garrett Olson have acting futures …

FelixOlsonPulpFiction.jpgFelix Hernandez won’t find out about his Cy Young fortunes until Thursday, but the Mariners ace already has proven his stuff on another stage with some great work along with teammate Garrett Olson on an ESPN The Magazine photo shoot.

Hernandez and Olson were converted into Pulp Fiction characters Jules and Vincent for an upcoming ESPN the Mag movie edition.

It’s great stuff and you can click here to watch a short video showing their make-up conversion and a bit of the photo shoot. Great stuff.

The shoot was arranged through Octagon Sports Agency.

Here’s a link to another photo as well as one more here.

No word on whether the two pitchers plan to scrap their budding baseball careers and concentrate on acting just yet, but judging from their initial efforts, they’ve certainly got a gift.

It turns out, sometimes the truth really is stranger than Pulp Fiction.

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Garrett: …and you know what they call a Quarter Pounder w/Cheese in AAA ball?

Felix: They don’t call it a Quarter Pounder w/Cheese?

Garrett: Nah man, we don’t even get McDonalds in AAA, we get crap Burger King $1 menu.

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