Zduriencik: ‘Everybody in baseball should be happy for Pat Gillick’

GillickPat.jpgJack Zduriencik knows a little about what Pat Gillick has accomplished, walking now in his shoes as the general manager of the Mariners. Like Gillick, Zduriencik’s background is in scouting and player development and he appreciates the path his predecessor took that ended with a Hall of Fame election Monday.

“I think everybody in the industry is really happy that Pat collected today,” Zduriencik said. “If you talk to any scout that’s ever been in the game, they’ve always viewed Pat as a general manager who kind of paid his dues. When he had opportunities, he did a tremendous job.”

You sense Zduriencik is taking some clues from how Gillick molded his original team in Toronto, where the Blue Jays mined every avenue and built for the long run.

“I heard some of his press conference today and it brought back a lot of memories of how Toronto did that thing, how they were going to get players to go to Canada, how the dollars were different,” Zduriencik said. “They invested heavily in Latin America and did just a great job.

“When he was there those years how terrific that organization was viewed and how they took care of their people. And then winning two World Series. I think everybody in baseball should be happy for Pat Gillick.

“I remember years and years ago, back in the early ’80s and Pat would come in with the area scouts and see Seminole Junior College or Oklahoma State or something like that, where he’d come in traveling with the scouts and watching games. We’ve seen that over the years with him. Anybody who has ever worked with Pat Gillick, all I’ve heard is nice things”

If you missed it, here’s my story from earlier in the day on Gillick’s memories of Seattle’s 116-win season in 2001 and Chuck Armstrong’s thoughts on the former GM.

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