A very moving day at Safeco Field as Niehaus honored

Lots of great moments today at Safeco Field — or Dave’s House, as some like to call it these days — as Dave Niehaus’ life was celebrated.

As you’d expect, when guys like Jay Buhner, Dan Wilson, Edgar Martinez, Rick Rizzs and Ron Fairly get up and tell stories, people listen. And when they’re talking about Hall of Fame announcer Dave Niehaus’ passing, people cry.

Including many of the speakers themselves. Rizzs choked up for a good minute or more before Buhner and company came to his rescue and joined him on the stage for some comfort. Buhner eventually wrapped Rizzs up in a big bearhug as Rizzs gathered himself.

The ceremony ended with team president Chuck Armstrong announcing there will be a statue of Niehaus erected outside Safeco Field, a fitting tribute for the man who has been there since Day 1.

You can read my full story on the day’s events here. And if you’d like to see the entire ceremony, MLB.com provides the full video here.

Wanted also to share this poem that was included on the program card given to the fans who showed up today:

Do not stand at my grave and weep;

I am not there, I do not sleep

I am an echo in home run calls.

I am the flash of white on a well-struck ball.

I am the sunlight on the outfield grass.

I am the powerful autumn home run blast.

When you jump up to a called steeerike three

I am there, yes you know me.

I am the sound of the broom after a three-game sweep

Swung on and belted; I am the tears on your cheek.

Rye bread and mustard, salami abound

I am high above, looking down.

Do not stand at my grave and cry;

I am not there. ‘My Oh My’

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