Garrett Olson on top of the world

I love this photo of Mariners pitcher Garrett Olson from his adventure this winter when he and a friend hiked the 33-mile Milford Trail in New Zealand.

The scenery obviously was spectacular and Olson had fun recounting the tales of his trip for this story I did on the website. This particular shot was taken at a spot called the “12 second drop,” a name that needs no further explanation.

Olson sent me a bunch of pictures from the trip — he’s an amateur photographer and included some of his own work — and not all of that was included in the story, so here are a couple more.

This is Olson at Sutherland Falls, one of the many sites on the “Great Walk” trail he traversed over the four-day journey.

And this is one of the beautiful scenic shots Olson took with his Nikon D700. You can see more on this photo gallery on

It’s great stuff from Olson and was a fun story to write. I can only imagine how cool it was doing the hiking …

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