Check out the Dave Niehaus uniform patch

Almost lost in the crush of news and interviews at yesterday’s pre-Spring Training media day, but the Mariners released an image of the Dave Niehaus patch that will be worn on the right sleeve of every Seattle player for every game of the upcoming season.




The team also is working on a Niehaus statue to be placed somewhere at Safeco Field. They’re in the process of finding the right artist and finalizing all the details, but expect the statue will be in place either by the end of this season or, at the latest, the start of next year.

What do you think of the patch and where would you like to see the statue placed?


The patch looks great. The M’s should do a promotional night patch give-away with no sponsor. That way everyone can get a patch and there will be no perception of the M’s making money from Dave’s passing. How about putting Dave’s statute in the CF SRO area. That way Dave could spend games surrounded by fans.

On the subject of the team broadcasters, Dave’s (sadly) is the only bio that has been updated. The rest of them .. Rizzs, Sims, Blowers, Cremin .. haven’t been updated since early 2009, a fact that speaks poorly of the care & attention the M’s pay to their website.

I would have passed this along privately if the website offered any e-mail contact info.

Cmart3, I will let the website administrators know that the broadcaster bios need to be updated. I think they do a very good job of keeping on top of the myriad of information on the site, but that one did slip through the cracks, so I appreciate you pointing it out.

Hey Greg…glad to see you back on the M’s beat. Your old e-mail went down and I’m looking forward to this year’s action and your reports. Will try searching for new e-mail for you so I can rant and rave in a less public forum…play ball!

I think the patch is perfect and such a wonderful tribute to a great man who will be missed by us all. Is there anyway fans will be able to purchase the patch online? Perhaps proceeds could go to a scholarship fund or baseball camp for kids set up in Dave’s name.
How about placing his statue somewhere behind home plate where it could overlook the whole field of play?

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