Cust hasn’t quite pulled off Ichiro look just yet

Jack Cust, who cracked up Ichiro as well as the group of reporters interviewing the Japanese star on Saturday by trying to imitate his unique Ichiro wardrobe, said he’s never really met his new teammate before other than on the baseball field.

 But he is aware of the fashion style of the 37-year-old outfielder.

“Guys just said wait and see. And that you haven’t seen nothing yet,” Cust said Sunday. “So I guess I’ll wait and see.”

When Ichiro was surrounded by media members at his locker on Saturday, the club’s new designated hitter sat at his nearby locker and rolled up the bottom of his jeans to mid-calf level, mirroring Ichiro’s look … with some obvious differences in body type and style sense.

The 6-foot-1, 247-pound Cust told Ichiro on Saturday that he was going to go out and buy the same thin red leather belt he was wearing, then fistbumped him and headed out the door. You can read that full story here.

But, no, he didn’t quite come up with a new belt by Sunday.

“I’m not quite sure where you even buy that stuff,” Cust said.

Cameras aren’t allowed in the clubhouse, so sadly there is no photographic evidence of the Cust or Ichiro outfits. But I will include the photo I got of Ichiro’s first-day look when he arrived in Peoria and worked out on the practice field. And, no, this is not a look that Cust — or many others, for that matter — could pull off.

(Photo by Greg Johns/

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W O W !.!.! Gotta love the guy😉

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