Today’s intrasquad lineups … minus Gutierrez

Here’s the drama we’ve all been waiting for, the starting lineups for today’s Mariners intrasquad game at 1 p.m. in Peoria. Don’t read too much into these, but it is interesting to see who falls where right out of the gate.

The nature of playing against your own squad makes for some interesting choices. Adam Kennedy, for instance, has been playing second base in camp, but will be at first base today

Worth noting that Franklin Gutierrez is not in either lineup. He is not yet back in Peoria after flying to Seattle to have his stomach checked out by doctors on Thursday. I’ll update as soon as we learn anything more on that.

Team 1

Ichiro Suzuki RF

Chone Figgins 3B

Milton Bradley DH

Adam Kennedy 1B

Miguel Olivo C

Jody Gerut CF

Ryan Langerhans RF

Brendan Ryan SS

Luis Rodriguez 2B

Michael Pineda P


Team 2

Jack Wilson SS

Dustin Ackley 2B

Justin Smoak 1B

Jack Cust DH

Michael Saunders LF

Gabe Gross CF

Greg Halman RF

Josh Bard

Josh Wilson 3B

Blake Beavan P

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Quite routine so far, but we are all getting excited to see how things progress. In the meantime, how about what I said in another comment about the tonsorial situation? To wit, if Guti has a mohawk, and Felix has a fe-hawk, then what Aardsma has must be called a no-hawk. Sure hope Guti’s problem is as easy to deal with as Ichiro’s ulcer was last year. Because Guti is too good, and too good a guy, to go down over something like a stomach problem.

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