The day in pictures at Mariners camp …

Caught lots of stuff I liked today with my camera at Mariners Spring Training in Peoria. Most of the team went to Peoria Stadium to sign autographs, which makes for some great candid shots.

Love this one of veteran reliever Denny Bautista with a little hat-head, working the crowd.


The most popular autographs, as you’d expect, were Ichiro and Felix. Here’s the Cy Young winner dealing with the masses before he headed off to throw his first live batting practice of the spring on a back field with a handful of coaches and two reporters watching.


Milton Bradley, bless his soul, was literally the last of the Mariners still working the autograph line. He and Erik Bedard — two guys you’d probably never suspect — had to be pulled away by a team official and told it was time to start the workout.


And here’s a young fan eagerly awaiting his Moose autograph, though I have no idea how the furry fellow signs his name.



It is always fun watching the Moose sign an autograph. My son is in the background of that picture watching the Moose intently. As for Bradley, he’s certainly proving himself to be extremely fan friendly this Spring Training. Here is out amazing Milton Bradley story from earlier in the week:

I like what I’m seeing in MB’s attitude lately. Hopfully this helps him stay steady on the field. To Mr Johns, If you could include some of this about Bradley and even Bedard in one of your newer feature peices I think it might help the broader audience to give them more of a chance. Just a thought. thanks again for your reporting!

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