A couple cool photos from Peoria

I’m taking today off with MLB.com veteran Tom Singer filling in, which is a rare treat during the seven-week haul of Spring Training. Wouldn’t you know it, Michael Pineda pitches today and that’s a game I’d love to see.

But it’s a long season and there’s plenty of baseball to come, so I’ll stick to the plan and get caught up with a bunch of things that need my attention … foremost being my wife as she flies in tonight for the start of a short visit!

While I’ve got a minute though, wanted to share a couple pictures I liked from the past few days. I’m not a professional photographer by any means, but I’ve enjoyed snapping some shots this spring.

Really liked this one of Michael Pineda watching Felix Hernandez throw his bullpen session earlier this week. Speaks volumes of Pineda’s desire to soak in as much as he can right now. If you haven’t read it, here’s my story on that.


It’s fun watching the action in the bullpen when five pitchers are throwing at once. Here’s the catcher’s row.

CatchersRow.JPGAnd as I was leaving the complex last night, caught a nice sunset behind one of the Mariners practice fields. Yes, I know it’s cold and wintery in Seattle. But down here, the temperatures are touching the 80s and it really is gorgeous.

SunsetPeoria.jpgEnjoy your own day and I’ll be back tomorrow when Felix throws a simulated game in the morning at the complex and then the Mariners face the White Sox in the afternoon. And, of course, you can catch all Tom’s updates today on Pineda and other news on Mariners.com.


Have a good mini vacation! you deserve it!

Enjoy your mini vacation! you deserve it!

Enjoy your mini vacation! you deserve it!

sorry for the multiple post. there was a glitch in the system.

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