Some interesting positions in today’s lineup

Check out who’s in left field today. Yup, that’s Jack Cust, who has played quite a bit of outfield in his days with the A’s and now will show the Mariners what he can do in the field.

Don’t expect to see a lot of Cust with a glove this year, but he does take pride in being able to play a position and has shown a pretty good arm in camp. It will help in interleague play, at least, if he can man a position at times.

Also a different infield today with Brendan Ryan getting his first start at second base alongside shortstop Jack Wilson, with Adam Kennedy moving over to third and Mike Carp at first.

We’ll see Felix Hernandez throw a simulated game, probably about 30 pitches, this morning at 10:45 on one of the Peoria practice fields. Then the Mariners will head over to Glendale to face the White Sox at 12:05 p.m. PT.

Here’s today’s lineup:

Jack Wilson SS
Franklin Gutierrez CF
Milton Bradley DH
Jack Cust LF
Miguel Olivo C
Adam Kennedy 3B
Brendan Ryan 2B
Mike Carp 1B
Greg Halman RF
Luke French P

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