Ichiro says he hasn’t heard yet from family in Japan

Ichiro Suzuki declined to speak with reporters Friday morning about the devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan on Thursday night, saying through interpreter Antony Suzuki that he doesn’t have enough information to comment at this time.

Ichiro said he has not been able to contact his family or ascertain their situation.

“We don’t know yet because cell phones and power are down. There are 4 million people without power in Tokyo,” Ichiro said through Suzuki. “I have not got hold of my family yet.”

Antony Suzuki’s wife is currently traveling in Japan, but she is OK.

Hide Sueyoshi, the Mariners director of Minor League and International Administration, is a native of Osaka, Japan. He was shaken by the overnight news from his homeland.

“I’ve talked to my mother and friends in Tokyo,” Sueyoshi said. “I tried to reach my friend in the Sendai area who works for the Rakuten Eagles, but I could not reach him at all. The phone lines are just too busy, so I hope they are OK.”

Sueyoshi said he went through a big earthquake while living in Osaka in ’95, while Ichiro was in Kobe at the same time.

“I experienced that earthquake, so anytime it happens it’s tough for me to see,” he said. “I just hope all the people are OK. I know it’s a lot of confusion.”

Sueyoshi said the Rakuten Eagles are in Spring Training in the area of the quake.

“They have started exhibition games though, so I don’t know where they are,” he said. “They were playing yesterday, but I could not reach them. The phones are just too busy.”

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