Edgar back in uniform … for a couple days anyway

MartinezEdgar.JPGYup, that is Edgar Martinez wearing the Mariners blues again on Monday as he arrived in camp to help work with hitters who might want to pick the brain of the best right-handed hitter in club history.

Martinez watched batting practice and was talking to infielder Brendan Ryan as he walked off. He’ll also be on the Minor League fields during his four days in Peoria.

Dan Wilson is also here working with catchers and Jay Buhner is expected some point soon as well. No word yet on Ken Griffey Jr., though he’ll likely pop up at some point unannounced in typical Junior fashion.

Edgar said he’ll answer whatever questions come up from hitters looking for help, while his main points of emphasis will be on the mental approach to the game.

Always good to see the former stars in camp. Some guys just look good in a Mariners uniform and Edgar is at the top of that list.


Wow! anyone eles think Edgar looks more svelt in this pic than last we saw him. Whatcha been takin Garrr (hmm maybe its tiger blood… it’s GARRRRR-ate!😉

Hey, any chance this story will make it over to the main site today? I think its another good one for general consumption😉

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