Taking a quick break …

For those still checking out the blog — and thank you, since I know the link off the front page of Mariners.com has disappeared — just letting you know I’m skipping the trip to Kansas City and taking a couple days off.

We’ll still have wall-to-wall coverage on Mariners.com, with Kansas City native Robert Falkoff filling in from Kauffman Stadium, so nothing changes on the website.

If you’re curious, MLB.com has its beat writers generally skip one city on the road each month. Typically that means going to two cities on a three-city trip, but the Mariners have an unusual schedule this year with only two three-city journeys all season. So it made sense this month to just skip the four-day jaunt to K.C.

After nearly two months in Arizona and then starting the season on the road, I’m ready to enjoy a little break before hitting it hard again Monday back at Safeco when Detroit and then Oakland come in for the next homestand.

See ya again in a couple days!



Thank you, Greg. You are doing great work and a lot of it, and I think I speak for all of us when I say we appreciate it deeply.

One of my favorite sayings is, “it’s all relative.” This mostly comes into play when my father complains about the weather in Richmond VA being “only” in the 60’s when in NE Wisconsin it’s in the 30’s.

So while my first thoughts was to offer to trade you my office job…it is after all…all relative🙂

Enjoy your down time. The real coverage begins when Tui gets called up. Until then, Tuiasosopo Nation waits patiently \m/

Thanks for the info. I hopped on after a couple of days to find you missing and began to worry😉 You’ve been doing a great job! Keep it up!!

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