A little microcosm of the Mariners season

I’ve been out of the loop a couple days, thanks to a computer virus that hit my laptop just as I was departing Boston last weekend, then a day off yesterday. But hey, you’ve got to stick with these things, right?

Watching Erik Bedard last night reminded me of the entire Mariners season. An ugly first inning had everyone assuming the worst, even when he escaped with just a 1-0 deficit. But Bedard righted himself and got back in the groove, just as the Mariners have done as a whole this season.

Now they head into tonight’s game against Texas having won six of their last seven and sitting just two back in the AL West, a statement nobody expected two weeks ago. But going 10-5 will do that for you, especially this early in the season.

It’s worth noting that last year at this exact time, the club was headed the exact opposite direction. They hit their 30th game on an eight-game losing streak — at home, no less — and were sitting 11-19 and going south.

The current Mariners are 14-16 and climbing, which is a far different feeling. Whether it continues, who knows. But it certainly feels possible this year, which is more than most of us would have said in mid-April.

Now here comes Michael Pineda tonight, fresh off an AL Rookie of the Year honor. It’ll be interesting to see how he handles Texas, the one team that beat him this year in his Major League debut in Arlington.

Milton Bradley is back in the lineup after his day off Saturday and then one-game suspension on Tuesday.

Here’s the full Mariners lineup:

Ichiro Suzuki RF
Chone Figgins 3B
Milton Bradley LF
Miguel Olivo C
Justin Smoak 1B
Jack Cust DH
Jack Wilson 2B
Michael Saunders CF
Brendan Ryan SS
Michael Pineda P


This blog is valuable to the fans, being a little more informal and offering thoughts not generally being aired. I think that most of the commenters on the website stories are not necessarily the most informed, and are using those stories as a chat room now. Some of the most knowledgeable people have fallen silent in recent days.

You stated Pineda was Rookie of the Year, was it not Rookie of the Month? I believe in him as much as you but you may be getting a little ahead of yourself!

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