Still soggy in Cleveland on Sunday morning

The tarp is covering the infield at Progressive Stadium in Cleveland this morning as we await word on whether today's game will be played. (Greg Johns/

Weather in Cleveland has been a problem for the Mariners before. The Mariners have had 11 games wiped out by Mother Nature in this city, more than twice as many as any other city in baseball. That number includes the four games snowed out at the start of ’07 and made up throughout that season.

We may be getting into a similar situation on a smaller scale on this trip as the rain is falling again Sunday morning, threatening to wip out action for a second consecutive day. The grounds crew is working on the dirt portion of the infield as we speak — a little more than two hours before 10:05 a.m. PT game time. But there isn’t a lot of optimism that we’re going to get baseball for a second-straight day.

If this one gets canceled, the two teams will need to make up both games, presumably during Seattle’s return trip on Aug. 22-24. That means either two doubleheaders in that three-day set, or one doubleheader plus a game on the scheduled off day Aug. 25.

But if the teams play on Aug. 25, that will be 27 straight days without an off day for the Mariners from mid-August to mid-September, not an ideal situation.

Then again, there isn’t going to be an ideal situation. So no doubt they’ll try to get this one in, one way or the other. The forecasts call for rain all day, unfortunately. So we shall see …

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