Bring on the Yankees

Tremendous 5-1 road trip for the Mariners, wrapped up with today’s 3-0 victory over the Twins in Minneapolis. I know there’ll be those who say it was Minnesota and San Diego, two last-place teams that can’t score runs. Which make them perfect foils for the pitching-strong Mariners.

But c’mon. These are exactly the type of teams you need to make hay against if you’re any good at all. And the Mariners are looking like they can indeed be pretty good when they get pitching like they’ve had the past month. Going 5-1 on any road trip is strong stuff and the Mariners have done it twice now, having stormed through Detroit and Boston in late April with the same success.

Given that Ichiro, Chone Figgins and Justin Smoak didn’t hit much at all on this trip, the Mariners showed something in outscoring the Padres and Twins 27-13.

So now things start to really get interesting. The Yankees come to Safeco this weekend and the Mariners will trot out Michael Pineda, Felix Hernandez and Jason Vargas. This feels like a “show-me series.” Certainly it’ll be the biggest start of Pineda’s brief career to this point. And if Seattle can win two of these games, there’ll be a definite feeling that this season really might have something going.

I’m still in Minneapolis tonight, heading home Thursday morning and ready to get home. It’s been a nice trip to two great ballparks in Petco and Target fields, but I’m already eager for Friday’s showdown with Pineda and the Bronx Bombers.

It’s show time in Seattle and that’s something Mariners fans haven’t felt for a while.

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What a game! I can’t believe that the M’s scored 4 runs without getting a hit when runners were in scoring position. Small ball wins in big stadium. I love it. Pineda, although he didn’t have his best stuff still only allowed three hits. That’s gotta leave New York a bit baffled. I hope Felix’s dominance continues tonight.


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