Larry Bernandez craze sweeping the nation … kind of

The new Larry Bernandez T-shirt released this week by Nike and now available in Mariners Team Stores.

Due to popular demand, here’s a photo of the Larry Bernandez T-shirt that Nike has come out with. And, yeah, it’s available in Mariners Team Stores for $22.

Second baseman Jack Wilson and catcher Chris Gimenez liked the shirts so much that they … OK, Wilson … bought one for every Mariners teammate and coach yesterday.

“He makes more money than me,” Gimenez noted with a chuckle.

Gimenez liked his so much that he wore it out on for batting practice yesterday before pulling on his official BP jersey once on the field. Here’s the story I wrote on that yesterday for

As noted in that story, the Larry Bernandez shirts are not to be confused with the yellow “King’s Court” T-shirts being worn in the new cheering section for Felix Hernandez on days that he pitches at Safeco Field. Those King’s Court shirts are only available to fans who purchase seats in that section down the left-field line, which is quickly becoming a cool place to be.

The section was rocking last night, with lots of chants and cheers, almost a UW “Dawg Pack” type atmosphere. Hernandez acknowledged the group with a fist pump and clearly is enjoying the vocal following.

“I was disappointed last game [against the Yankees], because I wanted to win in front of my ‘King’s Court,'” Hernandez said after last night’s 8-2 win over the Rays. “But today was good. They enjoyed it out there. Now, we get Larry’s T-shirt. Weird things here.”

Gimenez is among those getting a kick out of the whole wave. He calls Felix “Larry” every chance he gets and couldn’t wait to show Bernandez, err, Hernandez, his new shirt yesterday.

“Between this and his yellow shirts, he’s creating his own clothing line here,” said Gimenez. “He can call it ‘Larry Wear.'”

As for the growing legend of the Bernandez TV commercial, not even the star himself expected that to take off the way it has.

“No, I never thought that,” Hernandez laughed. “Now, Larry is very popular, you know?”

Yeah, we are starting to know. And Gerry, his left-handed alter ego, can’t be far behind.


How can a feller in Southern California get one of those Larry Bernandez shirts?

I tried shopping on the Mariner’s web site, to no avail.


I’m looking into whether they’re for sale online. Will let you know as soon as I get an answer.


You can find them at an old school version at

It isn’t the Nike one, but it look pretty cool. They say it is printed on American Apparel. I have a shirt of their I got at a concert and it is so comfy!

If my wife was having more children I think i would have to name one Larry Bernandez. That has to be the best commercial ever.

Great to see this type of team spirit seeping into the M’s clubhouse…making it fun and hey, ya know what? it’s starting to show up in the stats too!

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