Kennedy gets in a little early work at third

Not surprising, but interesting  nonetheless, veteran infielder Adam Kennedy was out early taking some ground balls at third base from infield coach Robby Thompson.

No, that doesn’t guarantee Dustin Ackley will be here today or tomorrow. But it’s inevitable that Ackley will be arriving soon from Tacoma and when he does, he’ll be playing the bulk of time at second base.

So it would behoove the Mariners to find a spot for Kennedy, who is hitting a team-leading .275 and providing one of the veteran bats Eric Wedge values in the middle of his lineup.

Kennedy played 82 games at third for Oakland in ’09 and eight games there last year for the Nationals, so it’s not totally foreign to him. He told me in Spring Training that third base is probably the least comfortable infield spot for him, but that doesn’t mean he can’t handle it. He’s just played more second and first base in his career.

Kennedy is a pro and no doubt will fill whatever role keeps him in the lineup.

And, no, I don’t think this spells the end of Chone Figgins in Seattle. He still has two years and $18 million on his contract after this season. The Mariners aren’t likely to just jettison him for nothing, no matter who many fans think that would be smart.

They might try to shop him, but they’d be selling low and not likely to recoup what they’d like. More likely, they’ll move veteran shortstop Jack Wilson in the coming days as he’ll be easier to move in the final year of a $5 million deal.

Wilson is in the lineup today, not surprising if the Mariners want to showcase him a little. It’s an interesting lineup today with rookie Carlos Peguero batting cleanup and playing DH. Mike Carp is in left field, with Jack Cust sitting again.

Here’s the final lineup for tonight’s 7:10 p.m. start against the Angels:

51  Ichiro Suzuki (L)     RF
26  Brendan Ryan          SS
17  Justin Smoak (S)      1B
8  Carlos Peguero (L)    DH
30  Miguel Olivo          C
20  Mike Carp (L)         LF
21  Franklin Gutierrez    CF
9  Chone Figgins (S)     3B
2  Jack Wilson           2B
45  Erik Bedard           LHP


Early signs that Ackley is on the way. Kind of a telling sign to Figgins that he’s going to be playing less. I guess that’s out in the open now. Gotta love it.

And now we know why – it’s official, Dustin Ackley is a Seattle Mariner! Thanks for keeping us updated!

Any chance we see the Mariners give Matt Mangini another chance at 3rd? Seems like he could do much better than what Chone Figgins has been giving the team.

Hey Mr. Johns,
I don’t know if you’ll get this or if you’ve seen our other “anouncements”, but a bunch of us Posters are meeting in the Bullpen area Pre-game on the 17th (today) We would like to invite to come and meet us if you want/are able to. We should be in or around the patio…

Hey Mosiah, glad you guys are getting together. Very cool! But pregames for me are busy with interviews and putting together my notebook stories, which today will be even crazier with the arrival of Mr. Ackley. I’ll be cranking out stories while you’re having fun, but that’s OK! Have a great time and let me know how it goes!


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