Lights, camera, action … in downtown Cleveland

German police cars ready for action during the filming of "The Avengers" this week in downtown Cleveland.

You never quite know what you’re going to get on road trips, particularly when it involves the Mariners heading to Cleveland.

In 2007, the Mariners got snowed out of four games here. Earlier this year rain wiped out a pair of games, which led to yesterday’s doubleheader. And during the first game yesterday, the makeup contest, an earthquake rumbled through Progressive Field.

And that was before the Indians themselves shook up Brandon League, who seems to have his own personal demons in this fine city.

But the interesting thing on this trek, from a non-baseball standpoint, was seeing downtown Cleveland turned Hollywood. My Marriott hotel is probably a mile walk from Progressive Field and each night on my way home, I had to detour around the cordoned-off area where they’re shooting “The Avengers.”

From my room on the 22nd floor, I could see the night-time shoots, with search lights circling around the adjacent buildings and every once in a while — even at 2:30 a.m. — a director on a loud speaker yelling, “Action” and then hearing the muffled screams of hundreds of extras yelling in reaction to some catatastrophe being filmed.

The scenes being shot are supposed to be in Germany, so the entire front of the building they’re using has been made over with German words. The street signs are German, the bus stop has German wording, the police cars are, well, you can see them above.

Pretty fun to see, really. Unfortunately I didn’t have a ton of time to check out the action as, well, the Mariners and Indians did play four ball games in three days and that seemed more important to my bosses than my movie sight-seeing.

But here’s the view below of the night-time shoot down the street. I’m guessing they’re using better cameras in the actual production, but what do you expect from an iPhone camera from the 22nd floor several blocks away …

Night-time shooting of "The Avengers" movie in Cleveland.


That film crew didn’t really do a lot of research…
German police cars are no longer green, but blue (well, ok, you might be able to find some green ones that were not yet switched for new blue ones).
Additionally, the license plates are wrong. German licences plates don’t have letters at the end (after the numbers), but before the numbers.
But the worst thing: The lighting on the police car is a total fail. The only color it can and does have is blue. Never orange. Orange lighting is only used by civil cars to raise attention (like waste collection). Example:

I don’t even want to see the movie any longer now…

Really? since when does any movie, (including alot of Documentaries) get all the nuances right on the money. This is a movie…a Imagined construct….and the color of the cars…the licence plates and lights on the car are in no way vital in carrying out the plot.
& BTW alot of films have Amber lights on the top of their police cars as this is sometimes mandated by law that the lights portrayed on public right of ways have no Red and/or blue in them. 100% of Police Vehicles “portrayed” in New York are a good example. See almost any CSI NY Episode for further Info.

Oh the things you see…;-)
Thnx for another fun article!~

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