Readers respond to AL West move by Astros

Interesting day with news of the Astros moving to the AL West as soon as 2013. I offered my own thoughts here, as well as this story about Justin Smoak’s reaction and the Mariners’ limited history with Houston.

But this story affects fans as well, so I asked followers of my Twitter account (@gregjohnsmlb) what they thought of the Astros’ move into the Mariners division and here are some of the responses:

— No objection to the Astros as such, but annoyed that the M’s will have to play so many games at Houston’s silly park. @DJoVecc84

— Can you image watching the game starting at 9PM and not game over until Midnight? I feel bad for the #Astros fans. @trak2k

— It’s a good idea. Evens out the leagues. That’s the OCD in me speaking. @labenjr

— I like it..don’t mind interleague play year round and also 1 game wild card playoff game I really like! @kylehead8

— I think its funtastic.. more games vs the ‘stros & less vs Texas is a good thing @topherJmitchell

— Hopefully with the added division foe it helps cut down some of the road travel. Assuming the schedulers do it right… @M_R_Ducks

— We don’t know what this new owner will do. Could have $200M payroll in top 5 sports market w/ relatively new stadium. @BoiseMsFan

— I’m fine with it just as long as the #Mariners get our first World Series Championship before the Astros get theirs. @catsiena

— People say HOU moving to the AL as more wins for the M’s, but doesn’t that also mean more wins for TX LA OAK? @scottmmeredith

— #Mariners and Astros will be strange, but 4 team division always seemed weak. @KillSwitchTD92

— Hate it, hate it hate it @GoofyMsFan

— Will this increase recruiting opportunities for the Mariners in Texas?🙂 @leehawk77

— Another team for @RealKingFelix to dominate. @34Prime34

— Competitive balance: Yes. Perpetual interleague: No. AL West respect gets a shot in the arm with a 5th franchise. @siskosbaseball

— I think it sucks for TX fans. Gotta go to STL or AZ to see NL baseball. I just hope that HOU and Rangers are on same trip. @olyhomer

— Grew up going to Astros games in Astrodome. Its going to take a while to get used to! @_JenMueller

— Excellent. At least its the Astros and not the Rockies or the Dodgers. @luismanuelm

— I like it if it means we play the Athletics less! Ha. @CarpeMC12

— 19 more easy games. Interleague play year round. Lower playoff odds offset by additional wild card. Win win. @colefitzpatrick

— Hopefully someone to finish above in the standings. #justsaying. @Jamer555

— I love it. Maybe not because of the Astros but because we get a 5 team division. It’s so needed. @Ike_Thompson

— Well if the @Astros were there last year the @Mariners would of still been in 4th place, doesn’t make much of change now haha. @Atwood92

—  I was hoping it would be the Diamondbacks (i live in phoenix) @cdaz18

— Not a fan of the #Astros moving to the AL-West. I would’ve have moved the #Rockies instead. @trak2k

— Like road trips weren’t tough enough. @JustYourAvgJoe

— Won’t finish last in 2013! @gutchecktime

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