No changes in Mariners radio lineup

The Mariners will again use a rotating group of seven broadcasters to work alongside veteran play-by-play man Rick Rizzs on their radio network next season, according to Randy Adamack, the team’s vice president of communications.

The club went to the seven-man rotation last year to replace Hall of Fame broadcaster Dave Niehaus, who died Nov. 10, 2010 at the age of 75.

Adamack said the plan is stick with that group for one more year before likely committing to one permanent replacement.

The club’s three full-time announcers – Mike Blowers, Dave Sims and Rizzs – will all return for the 2012 season. Rizzs, in his 27th season with the Mariners, will be the primary radio voice.

Sims and Blowers both will return for their sixth seasons with the club and will handle most of the television broadcasts.

The second spot in the radio booth alongside Rizzs will then be divided between former Niehaus partners Ken Wilson, Ken Levine and Ron Fairly, as well as some appearances by former Mariners players Dave Valle, David Henderson, Dan Wilson and Jay Buhner.

All seven filled a similar role last season.

“Last year we obviously did what we did in the aftermath of Dave Niehaus’ passing,” Adamack said. “It was a special, unique circumstance and we thought that was the best way to move forward for the next year.

“Now as we look ahead, we want to evaluate everything we’re doing without it being in the aftermath of Dave’s passing. We’re moving ahead and want to look at this and continue this way one more year because it gives us an opportunity to better evaluate and make longer-term decisions after 2012.”

Mike Curto, the Tacoma Rainiers play-by-play man since 1999, worked several games with Rizzs last season on a substitute basis and could be used again in that role this coming year, Adamack said, though he’s not part of the regular rotation.


Are people their crazy… Not RON fairly.. come on now…

Dave and Rick were a SUPERB combo. It’s honestly not even fair for ANYONE to try and fill his shoes, but I listen to about 85% of games, and I have to say that even trying to be subjective about it; none of them really stand out at all. Their excitement seems kind of forced, where Dave (after 30 years) still sounded like a 12 year old boy watching his heroes. They also haven’t had the years of experience or stories like he has either. I would really like to see an old-timer take the spot next to Rick.

Good choice for TV broadcast

I am a season ticket holder and listen to the radio while in the stadium. I have to say I like the rotating group. They each bring a different prospective to the game. I have always missed Ron so it is great to hear his voice once in awhile.

If I had to choose a permanent replacement I would have to say it would be Ken Wilson. He is so knowledgeable on sports and seems to relate with alot of people. When I leave the games that he as worked I hear people who are radio listeners talk about his calls of the game and how much they enjoyed listening to him.

Impossible to fill Dave’s shoes. Ron Fairly is challenged beyond his means, either as play-by-play or commentator. I enjoy Ken Levine, but he would probably wear on a fella if it was full time. It’s very difficult to find a guy who is qualified to be a commentator and skilled to do play-by-play to give Rick a break. The guy is out there somewhere, but not one of these seven, imo.

Kinda typical Seattle. Rather than make a Bold new decision and let the chips fall where they may like was done here in our Pioneer days, rather than risking any controversy things will just stay the same leaving us the fans with a mediocre product. Sineeds to go, Rizzs has been mediocre for so long that though we are used to it he still is contrived, phony and dull. Blowers and Mike Curto are the best of the bunch (Sorry Jay we loved you as a player but can’t take anymore of your down home catch phrases ie: filet of fish etc.) Niehaus was recruited from another area why cant we do the same once again? While were at it could we possibly get a smart, attractive female journalist to take over for Shannon or Angie Memzik (Again both are Bush-League) Ciao

Ron Fairly is great when it comes to explaining the game of baseball. Play by ;play leaves a little to be desired, but enjoy him nonetheless. I feel the team needs to find a replacement for Dave Sims. He is great doing basketball, but baseball, I don’t think so.

I liked Levine, and can’t stand Sims. Rizz is not great. Blowers is pretty good, but suffers when he works with Sims.

Blowers is my fav, but I listen on the radio, so only hear the pre-game stuff, however if they get rid of the horrible, arrogant, ignorant, snippy, petulant shannon brayer, I will be happy, I used to love the post and pre game but turn it off when the incredibly annoying brayer woman comes on…..

We really dislike Buhner as a TV commentator; he spends all his time doing insider jokes, & talking about when he was a player. Ron Fairley was a great player to watch & is a fine announcer. Sims took some getting used to but we now we love his enthusiasm. All the others do a good job. Okay? And who doesn’t like Angie for crying out loud? We watch every game on TV.

Wow, where do we start! Rick is likeable but PLEASE. enough of the “holy smoke” Really enjoy “Red” Fairly, knows the game so well and had a long career and without the ego of Henderson Henderson knows the game but can’t stand the ego- a handful of key hits and he compares himself to Rickey and Reggie! And,Shannon and Pittman are really stale-it is such a long season. Levine, Wilson, Valle are good for short stay. Maybe we should hear more Mike Curto. He reports the games well. Listen to them just about every night (no TV) and will regardless of who announces. Love the Mariners and Baseball!

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