Engle honored at Winter Meetings

Bob Engle, the Mariners vice president of international operations, was honored as one of three Major League Scouts of the Year at a Wednesday night banquet at the Winter Meetings in Dallas.

Engle has helped sign such international free agents as Felix Hernandez, Michael Pineda, Greg Halman, Carlos Peguero, Jose Lopez, Ryan Rowland-Smith and others for the Mariners.

Here’s the story I wrote Tuesday after chatting with Engle about a number of topics, including his emotional thoughts about Halman’s recent death, the new Collective Bargaining Agreement’s potential impact on the international market as well as the Scout of the Year award.

General manager Jack Zduriencik appreciates what Engle brings to the organization.

“Bob is very experienced and has been donig international stuff for a large part of his career,” Zduriencik said Wednesday. “With his connections all over th eworld and the people he has under him in different countries, he has a very good system.

“He’s had success and you have to respect what he’s done. It’s a well-deserving honor tonight. The organization is extremely happy that’s he’s been recognized. It’s a terrific honor.”

Zduriencik feels the new CBA could have a big impact on future international free agent signings.

“It has the possibilities of changing the landscape on how things are done there,” he said. “Like any of these issues with the CBA, I like the agreement overall. I think everybody in baseball — and there are 30 teams  — have certain opinions on parts of it.

“Technically they tried to make it where things are equal for all clubs from a revenue sharing and financial standpoint where there is equal ability to get a player. Until we actually go through it one time, it’s going to be interesting to see. But there are certainly affects internationally and on the domestic side.”


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