Zduriencik says no ‘concrete offers’ on table

The Mariners continued talking with agents and other clubs Wednesday on the final full day of the Winter Meetings in Dallas, but general manager Jack Zduriencik said nothing appears imminent on the trade or free-agent fronts.

“We had a lot of meetings this morning and talked with several clubs about a lot of different ideas,” he said Wednesday evening. “We spent some time with several representatives of players. Again, there’s nothing concrete. We haven’t put an offer on the table to anybody. It’s just continuing dialogue.

“So many clubs have so many balls in the air and agents are listening to options. But I thought we had very good conversations, quite frankly.”

Zduriencik said it wasn’t unusual to not have any firm offers extended at this point.

“I think you have to gauge the sense of urgency the other side has,” he said. “With all respect to them, offers have a lot to do with timing. Sometimes putting an offer out there too early may not be the best thing for you as you move forward. You really have to get a sense of how they feel about Seattle and what we’re doing. And some of that is an education.”

No matter what, the Mariners won’t walk away from the meetings empty-handed as they have the third pick in Thursday morning’s Rule 5 draft and will likely take a shot at a young prospect with high upside, Zduriencik said.

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With Pujols coming to the Angels supposedly, the M’s better start throwing some money around because they are about to be a guaranteed basement dweller for 10 more years. The M’s are pretty much an irrelevant team. Building from the bottom up in my opinion is a failed strategy that the Indians have been trying for almost a decade. Look what that has got them. nothing. A team has to do a bit of both. They will spend 18m on slap hitting boring singles hitter, but won’t spend $25 mill on a bonafide slugger that hits 300avg and drives in 120+ RBI every year… brilliant!!!

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