Edgar talks about Hall voting and Larkin

Edgar Martinez is nothing if not patient. Thus the man who spent a career waiting for the right pitch is now spending his post-career calmly seeing how his Hall of Fame candidacy plays out.

It takes a 75 percent vote from the Baseball Writers’ Association of America to reach the Hall and Martinez was named on 36.5 percent of the ballots in the 2012 voting announced Monday.

He has hovered in the 30-percent range in his first three years, going from 36.2 to 32.9 and now back up to 36.5.

“I know this is going to be a while,” Martinez told me by phone shortly after the voting results came out. “But it’s encouraging that it at least went up from last year. What I’ve seen in the past with players that get about 30 percent, it just takes awhile for the numbers to get up to close to 75.

“It helped me that I know that. I didn’t raise my expectations too high on this. Believe it or not, you don’t remember this on the day-to-day basis. You reflect when you talk about it. But other than that, it doesn’t affect me too much. I don’t have too high of expectations at this moment. But if the numbers climb close to the 75 percent, I can tell you it will be different reaction.”

As for Barry Larkin, the former Reds shortstop who was the one player elected Monday?

“I don’t know him well, but I watched him play,” Martinez said. “He was very consistent over the years, a first-class guy and what a franchise player should be, a leader on and off field. He performed and what I heard is he sacrificed for the team. He had a great career, MVP awards, he could do pretty much anything on the field. It’s well deserved.”

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