It’s finally official: Jesus Montero is a Mariner

The Mariners trade for Yankees catcher Jesus Montero became official on Monday after the 22-year-old completed his physical exams in Seattle. (Getty Images)

Under the theory that good things come to those who wait, the Mariners just landed a heckuva catcher in Jesus Montero.

Not that the Mariners needed a 10-day delay between initial word of the impending Montero-Michael Pineda trade and Monday’s official notice that the swap is now complete to justify their deal. Montero is a big-time baseball talent by all accounts, including the latest prospect rankings that rated him the No. 1 young catcher in baseball heading into 2012.

The Mariners did need the 10 days, however, to get Montero to Seattle and then complete the necessary physical exams before signing off on the deal with the Yankees. Travel issues getting out of Venezuela and then weather problems in Seattle slowed the process.

But word finally came Monday at 1 p.m. that the trade is official. As expected, the Mariners will receive Montero and 24-year-old right-hander Hector Noesi, while Pineda and 19-year-old right-hander Jose Campos head to the Yankees.

The deal has been analyzed and re-analyzed already. What both teams — and their fans — need now is to get these guys into their camps next month and begin the process of seeing where they fit for the coming season and beyond.

Montero and Mariners general manager Jack Zduriencik will be talking to the media on a conference call later this afternoon and I’ll provide full details on

In a statement released by the Mariners, Zduriencik had this to say about the deal:

“With this trade we feel we have acquired a premium offensive talent that has the potential to hit in the middle of our lineup and grow with our other young players. It is also beneficial that we were able to acquire a Major League-ready pitcher with six years of control and who will compete for a spot in our rotation.

 “It was very difficult to part ways with Michael as we are extremely proud of what he has been able to accomplish in our organization. He is a special young man and we wish him the best of luck with the Yankees.

 “Through our evaluations, we’ve identified the strength of our organization to be pitching depth, and this helped in our decision to acquire what we consider a premium bat and a potential starting pitcher for the 2012 season and beyond. This trade is also a testament to the job that Bob Engle (Vice President, International Operations) and Tom McNamara (Director of Amateur Scouting) and their staffs have done through scouting and signing of players. ”


I think it’s a good trade for the M’s. It might take a couple years until Montero is better than Pineda but it will happen. Check out my M’s preview.

Well, at least now the Mariners have a prayer!

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