Pictures from Peoria — Monday edition

Lots of good stories in camp already and I’ve been trying to get those to you daily on Really enjoyed doing this piece on new shortstop Munenori Kawasaki yesterday. He’s been the live wire of camp so far and everybody is getting a kick out of his energetic approach.

But in addition to writing daily features and news on the site, I’ve been taking pictures every day and just wanted to share a few today while I’ve got a few extra minutes.

Here’s Mike Carp, whose future is so bright, he really does have to wear shades. It was nice today, clear blue skies and about 70 degrees. Supposed to reach 80 by Thursday, so come on down if you get a chance.

Carp looks really locked in early in camp, as I wrote about today in this story.

The Mariners have 67 players in camp and they really are in all shapes and sizes. Here’s little Chone Figgins chatting with hulking DH candidate Luis Jimenez, who is generously listed at 6-3, 280.

Figgins is an interesting story in this camp. He’s worked exclusively at third base so far. And while Eric Wedge talked about moving him around, it was Kyle Seager who shifted to second some today. Figgins, Seager and Carlos Guillen seem the prime contenders at third and Wedge appears to be leaning toward giving Figgins a shot at the leadoff role early this spring and see what he does with it.

Franklin Gutierrez is another one to watch this spring. Here he is waiting his turn in batting practice.

And Japanese pitcher Hisashi Iwakuma threw his first live batting practice today, pitching to Ichiro among others. Ichiro didn’t swing at any of Iwakuma’s 10 offerings, tracking pitches today like most in the early live BP rounds. But that didn’t stop about two dozen Japanese journalists on hand from tracking every pitch.

I’ll try to update every few days with more photos and you can keep track of the daily news here and on

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