Fun with the kids at ‘B’ game in Goodyear

There’s always something cool about watching young prospects who are just starting out their careers, knowing some day you might be watching their maturation at the Major League level.

Without question, the Mariners are counting on Danny Hultzen, James Paxton, Taijuan Walker and Erasmo Ramirez to become part of their future, perhaps not too far down the road. Those are four quality pitching prospects and all were on display in Monday’s ‘B’ game against the Reds in Goodyear.

You can read my full account of their opening effort here on

But I snapped some photos, too, so wanted to give you a look at the fearsome foursome. This first one is young Walker, the 19-year-old phenom who started the game.

Then came Hultzen. This is him walking out from the bullpen to the field at the Goodyear practice facility. It’s a little different than a regular-season game, since the pitchers warmed up in the practice ‘pen and then strolled across a couple sidewalks to their dugout.

Here’s Hultzen pitching. He’s an impressive lefty with an interesting and deceptive delivery. And he was bringing the fastball at 93-94 mph today.

Then came Ramirez, the 21-year-old Nicaraguan who threw two perfect innings. He might be the least-heralded of the group and he’s not physically imposing at 5-foot-11, but the kid can pitch.

Finally came Paxton, who had the only rough outing of the group. But this was just one day and he’s a good one as well. In fact, a lot of folks think he might be the first of the group to get called up this season. We shall see.

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