Wedge giving some starters a rest vs. Yomiuri

Mariners manager Eric Wedge will give some of his backups playing time tonight against the Yomiuri Giants in the team’s second exhibition game in Tokyo.

Kyle Seager, Alex Liddi and Muneori Kawasaki are all in the lineup, while reliever Hisashi Iwakuma will start on the mound and then not be used at all in the first two regular-season games on Wednesday and Thursday against the A’s.

Wedge said Iwakuma, Hector Noesi and Kevin Millwood will be the three players designated as not eligible for the two games with the A’s from the 28-man roster the team will have to announce on Wednesday by 1 p.m.

The club has not yet said which other players will be moved off the roster to get from the current 30 players in Japan down to the chosen 28.

Wedge said shortstop Brendan Ryan and catcher Miguel Olivo will not be used at all tonight to give them an extra break before the opener. The club has a workout on Tuesday, then faces the A’s at 7:04 p.m. on Wednesday (3:04 a.m. in Seattle).

Even though Iwakuma is destined to open the year in the bullpen, Wedge hopes he can get to the “middle of the game or deeper” against the Giants.

Here’s the full lineup for the Yomiuri game:

Chone Figgins CF
Dustin Ackley 2B
Ichiro Suzuki RF
Justin Smoak DH
Jesus Montero C
Mike Carp LF
Kyle Seager 3B
Alex Liddi 1B
Munenori Kawasaki SS

Hishahi Iwakuma RHP





“We’ll continue to try to get eveyrbody in there for most part. Olivo and Ryan will be kept out to give them a ocuple days.

We’ll continue to give guys the playing time they need to have and the time off they need in regard to opening day.

“I do lik eht efact we’ve got an offday tomorrow. Fact of the matter, it’s still the exhibition season, but it is different. IT’s obviously ramped up a little bit with everyting else going on. From a reposnisibity standipoint, I respect the fact that these guys want to go out and we want them to go out and be a part of the community and visit places and see popele that they need to see.

Tomorrow I won’t be at workout and a copule players are goin gwith me to Sedaii. We’ve got guys going out every day doing things. I think the challenge probably starts after today and I like the fact there is a day there – kind of a buffer – between what we have been doing and preparing for those first copule games against Oakland.”


Iwakuma; We’ll go ahead and pitch him at least til the middle protion of the game, if not longer. Just becaues of the way it works out, we’ve got to designate a couple three guys that aren’t eligible for those first two games, along with Noeis andMillwood. We wanted him to start over her enad continue to lengntehn him out, so with that he won’t b eeligible fo rhtose first few games.

Hopefully he’s able to get ot the midlde protion or deeper. We’ve got a couple other relievers we want to get out there as well. I’m looking forward to watching him go out there.”


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