Scenes from the Tokyo Dome on Opening Night

Great game last night from a Mariners perspective with the 3-1 win in 11 innings, highlighted by Ichiro’s homecoming drama and four-hit night.

Our team knocked out a bunch of good stories that you can find on I love this one on Tom Wilhelmsen talking about going out and sitting in the Hanshin Tigers rooting section Monday when they played the A’s, the fans having no idea the guy they were knocking thundersticks with was a Major League pitcher.

My game story talks about the big night for Ichiro, Dustin Ackley and Felix Hernandez with their postgame thoughts. You can read that here. Our A’s writer, Jane Lee, covers the Oakland perspective. My colleague Doug Miller did a story on Ichiro’s triumphant return, former associate Taylor Soper wrote a piece from Seattle on the season ticket holder’s viewing party at Safeco Field for the 3 a.m. game, here’s a look ahead at Thursday’s game with Jason Vargas taking on Bartolo Colon.

That’s a lot of words from Tokyo. And here are a couple pictures I snapped as well to show a little Tokyo Dome flavor.

Yes, there was a King’s Court in the Tokyo Dome. This is Mariners security guard and avid fan Daryl Chadderdon, keeping the court alive and well half way across the world.

Here are fans lined up to buy concessions, with Mariners items the seemingly popular item. A Mariners shirt, that would be 6,000 yen. Most Tokyo Dome fans lined up solidly in favor of Seattle, with lots of Ichiro jerseys. Did see a couple A’s shirts, but they were in the distinct minority.

Ballpark food is a little different here, but you can certainly find plenty to eat. And drink. They have beer girls who run around the stands all during the game, carrying a small keg on their back in a pack and pouring a fresh glass right at your seat.

And before the game, a familiar face popped into the Mariners dugout. That’s former closer Kazuhiro Sasaki on the right, greeting new infielder Munenori Kawasaki and old trainer Rick Griffin. Not that Griffin is old, but you know what I mean. Kazu will throw out the first pitch before Thursday’s game.



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