The sick ward is cleared up … and lineup vs. Moyer

With a couple days now to acclimate back to the 16-hour time difference from Japan, all the Mariners who went home sick Sunday are back at work today.

Dustin Ackley, who missed two days over the weekend, said he feels better, though he won’t play today. Carlos Peguero, George Sherrill and Michael Saunders are also back and Peguero is even in the lineup today vs. the Rockies.

I was on the trip myself and can tell you the “jet-lag” issue is real when you change that many time zones. It took most of the week in Tokyo to get the body clock used to the complete reversal in what is day and night. Then just when you’ve gotten into that routine, you come back and have to flip-flop again.

The first few days, it’s pretty typical to wake up at 2 or 3 a.m., no matter what time you went to bed, because that is the equivalent to 6 or 7 p.m. in Japan and you don’t just get out of that routine in one day. Some players say they’ve already adjusted, others still seem to be dragging a little. But they’ve got four more days — including today — to get back in sync before the real games begin again.

Should be an interesting matchup at Peoria Stadium with Felix Hernandez facing off against Jamie Moyer. That’s about a good a storyline as you get in a Cactus League game, particularly in this “dead-zone” period after the Mariners already started regular season play and now are  in the midst of their five-game adaption stint before returning to American League play Friday in Oakland.

Here’s today’s lineup:

Chone Figgins LF
Brendan Ryan SS
Ichiro Suzuki RF
Justin Smoak 1B
Jesus Montero C
Casper Wells CF
Carlos Peguero DH
Alex Liddi 3B
Munenori Kawasaki 2B

Felix Hernandez P

1 Comment

Anyone concerned that King Felix has been 90-91 all spring even in Tokyo? Is this a Pineda in waiting or a case of gumming up the speed gun?

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