Wedge says Ryan benched for ‘accountability’ reasons

Mariners manager Eric Wedge said Brendan Ryan remains his starting shortstop, but he clearly wasn’t happy about how he played in Monday’s 11-5 loss to the Rangers and was sitting out Tuesday’s game as a result.

“Sometimes you have to watch a game instead of play and this is one of those days for Mr. Ryan,” Wedge said after replacing Ryan with Munenori Kawasaki.

“When I talk about certain things that need to happen this year — and there are conversations that have been had — there’s a level of accountability and responsibility that everybody has. It’s no more or less than that. I’m not going to dive into details on it. I’ll leave it at that.”

Wedge said Ryan would be back in the lineup on Wednesday. He also indicated it wasn’t just about the one defensive play in the first inning when Ryan threw wide of first base on a potential double-play ball that would have got Hector Noesi out of the first with a 4-0 lead. Instead, the Rangers scored twice to cut the lead to 4-2 and eventually stormed from behind.

“No, it’s not just about that,” Wedge said.

Did he have a sit-down conversation with Ryan as to what the issue was about?

“I think it’s inferred,” Wedge said.

As for Kawasaki, he’s given the manager a ready alternative after a strong spring in which he hit .455. He’s 2-for-7 in the past two games as well, filling in for Ryan on Saturday when the shortstop had a sore neck and playing second base on Monday.

“I like the way he’s playing and the at-bats he’s putting up,” said Wedge. “Obviously he brings a lot of energy for our ballclub. So I’ve got him in there. I’ve said before, Brendan Ryan is our starting shorstop. But every once in a while you’ve got to watch a game.”

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I’ve been a fan of baseball for a number of years and try and get the rules straight.
Brendan Ryan’s play at second base in the Tuesday against Texas. In watching the
slide into second I did not see where the runner could touch second base with a hand
or foot. In other words he was going after Ryan, not the bag. Am I wrong about the
rule or the view of the play?

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