Brendan Ryan back in business in Yankees finale

Brendan Ryan is back in the lineup on this Mother’s Day morning in New York. Not surprising, really, given that Munenori Kawasaki really isn’t a better offensive option and Ryan is an outstanding defender. Not to mention, the Yankees have lefty Andy Pettitte on the mound today, which means Eric Wedge is lining up his right-handed hitters.

That’s why Casper Wells is playing left field today and Alex Liddi is at third base, with Kyle Seager getting the day off.

This should be an interesting day with Pettitte’s return for the Yankees. Between he and Mariners starter Kevin Millwood, that’s 403 career wins on the mound today (240 for Pettitte, 163 for Millwood). Of course, none of Millwood’s victories have come with the Mariners, something he’d love to change today.

Keep an eye on the working relationship between Millwood and rookie catcher Jesus Montero today. They were definitely not on the same page during Millwood’s last start, with the veteran pitcher looking irritated at times as Montero had to kept coming out to the mound to double check on what Millwood was wanting to do with pitch selection.

Millwood took the blame afterward for not communicating well enough pregame on a change of his normal plan, but it’s pretty clear with a youngster like Montero has a lot to learn still. I don’t overread that situation however, as Millwood has worked with Montero numerous times without issue this season, starting back in Cactus League games, and the two actually played together last year in the Minor Leagues for a time as well.

The Mariners really could use a win today as they’re working on an eight-game road losing streak, which isn’t a good thing with eight road games still upcoming on this trip.

Here’s today’s lineup against Pettitte:

Dustin Ackley 2B
Casper Wells LF
Ichiro Suzuki RF
Jose Montero C
Justin Smoak 1B
Alex Liddi 3B
Mike Carp DH
Michael Saunders CF
Brendan Ryan SS

Kevin Millwood RHP



Considering Millwood’s record, perhaps he would do well to listen to Montero on pitch selection as what he’s deciding to throw on his own doesn’t seem to be fooling to many batters.

Can we try Seager at SS? He played it for four years in high school. He played some in both college and in the minor league. What’s the downside of giving it a try? He’s been a middle infielder his entire career and the transition wouldn’t be too hard. Considering the team moved Blooomquist around the infield and that he came up the same way as Seager, I don’t see why the team is so against it.

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