Wedge playing percentages with today’s lineup

Interesting lineup today for the Mariners against the Rangers, with John Jaso leading off and Chone Figgins batting second and playing left field, while Dustin Ackley and Mike Carp have the day off.

Why? It appears manager Eric Wedge is playing the percentages, with Ackley 0-for-15 in his career against Rangers starter Matt Harrison and Carp 0-for-10.

Figgins is 4-for-14, while Alexi Liddi is 3-for-6. All of which is limited sample size and all that, but we’ll see what Wedge has to say when we talk with him before the game.

Ackley also sat out Friday’s game, so maybe something is up with him. We’ll see if Wedge sheds light. With Ackley out, this will be Jaso’s second time batting leadoff this year. He went 1-for-4 in his first shot with an RBI. The catcher hit leadoff for Tampa Bay in 51 games during his time there and has a career .262  batting average and .358 on-base percentage in that slot.

Here’s today’s full lineup:

John Jaso DH
Chone Figgins LF
Ichiro Suzuki RF
Jesus Montero C
Justin Smoak 1B
Kyle Seager 2B
Alex Liddi 3B
Michael Saunders CF
Brendan Ryan SS

Kevin Millwood RHP

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I have charted called balls and strikes for the last two years and find that major league
umpires are either blind or betting on games. With the aid of a tracer the consistency
of called third strikes is about on par with the integrity of our elected officials. Spending money on a ticket is therefore out of the question. Are these idiots ever
fined for being so mediocre?

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