Here are post-game comments from frustrated Wedge

Mariners skipper Eric Wedge finally had enough after watching his team manage just two hits in a 5-0 loss to the Red Sox tonight as veteran sinkerballer Aaron Cook rolled through a shutout on just 81 pitches.

Wedge has preached patience with his young crew most of this season, but hit the tipping point Friday after his team’s batting average at Safeco Field dropped to .198 in 36 home games.

Here’s Wedge, or listen to him directly by clicking on the video clip above:

“We were horrible tonight. We stunk up the joint tonight. Nothing more to say. Eighty pitch complete game, not to take anything away from that guy, but can’t make it that easy for him. Just brutal.”

 “It’s obvious. Hell, it’s obvious to you guys, it should be obvious to those guys. It’s a step back today for me, offensively, and that’s hard as hell to do the way we’ve been swinging the bats here at home. I’m tired of watching. I’m patient and I believe nine times out of 10 you’re rewarded for patience. But there also has to be a sense of urgency with every player in that room. You got to be able to walk that line.

“We’ve got too many people not doing it right now. We got maybe a couple, three guys, swinging the bat OK right now. That’s it. Out of what, thirteen or whatever it is? We just stunk up the joint tonight offensively. I take nothing away against their pitcher because you know what, it’s a hell of an accomplishment, an 80 pitch complete game in the big leagues.”

Wedge sounded as if changes could be expected, though admitting there weren’t many options at the moment with Franklin Gutierrez going on the DL and Michael Saunders sick with the flu tonight.

“We’ll keep pushing. We’ll find it. It’s my job to make sure we find it, that’s why I’m here. I have no plans of failing here. We’re going to figure this thing out. We’re going to hit at home like we hit on the road. We’re not there yet, not even close yet, but it will happen. Whether it’s the same guys in the room or not, that’s yet to be determined, that’s up to them, but they’re not getting it done now.”

Safeco Field as a tough place to hit? Wedge wasn’t buying it.

“I’m tired about all the bullshit with Safeco and everything. They have to take full responsibility, as I do for not getting them where they need to be here offensively just yet. That’s my job, coaches job. Rest assured, we’ll get them there. It’s up to them if they want to be a part of this or not.”

Wedge said it wasn’t the quick at-bats that bothered him, but the inability to make anything happen or make any adjustments.

“I don’t mind swinging early, but get after it. Hell man, I don’t mind swinging early, but let’s go, kick up some dirt, man. I don’t want pull-side ground balls. What the hell is that? I want you to get after it if you’re going to get after it. I don’t mind you swinging, but square it up. Lasso one the opposite way or pull-side depending on the pitch, but get after it.”

And the bottom line …

“These guys have to do it. They’re the ones that are here, they’re the ones that we want to get it done with. Obviously we’ve got other guys that will be here at some point in time, too. But these are the guys we’ve got to get going. And they’ve got to do it.

“Every one of those guys needs to come to the ballpark with a little bit more of an edge to them and understanding just what the hell’s going on and what they need to do to put up better at-bats, be more productive and come here and be a good offensive club at home. Everybody’s got to do their job.”


I’m sure my comment will be taken off since all my other ones do because you can’t write anything negative about this team,but at what point does Z realize that he has built a team of none major league ready players and start sending the kids with options down try some other kids and trade vets Ichiro, Figgins for a bag of balls ,olivo for a pocket watch,Brenden Ryan for a six pack, Guti for a health plan and some tums and get something going. This is a joke to watch I try to suffer through every game its bad enought to listen to Dave Sims he is terrible but to watch this joke of a team on top holly crap I think its less painful to shove forks in our eyes. You got to feel bad for the pitchers. People blame it on Safeco but safeco isn’t stoping basehits. I’m sure next year we will hear the same B.S about being patient I’ve been patient since 1977 this sucks and I;m really starting to wonder why I still care,well thats enough maybe this will stay on long enough for one person to read it before the Mariner Nazis take it off

Aaron, nobody can remove comments from this blog except me and I only do that in cases of profanity. I have never removed any comment you’ve made, I know that for a fact. Speak your mind and if you keep it clean, it’ll never be a problem.

besides you greg, is there anyone in the m’s organization that is important, ever get to see or think about what we as die hard m’s fans are trying to get across???????

Send Chambliss packing, and bring up the 3A hitting coach. He knows these guys.
Look what Wells’s trip back down did for him. Nobody has hit well for long on this team, not even the veterans. People leave Seattle and soon they can hit again.
Veteran hitters come to seattle, (figgins, Kotchman,etc), and soon they can’t hit anymore. I thinkChambliss is the problem. Just think about it. Dumping him is way cheaper than trading off your young hitters. (They would be great somewhere else,((see Adam Jones)).

thank you larry !!! I’m so glad that someone can see the true problem with this team… chris chambliss’s days are numbered I hope, the sooner ,the better. how many more seasons of almost no ability to score runs? I would like to see a championship before I die …….

On a team that is next to last (or last) in so many offensive categories, sitting Jaso, who leads the team in all those categories, and also in game winning hits despite playing part time, is not the fault of the players, but rather the fault of management.

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