Perfect game reading: The Best of Felix coverage

Lots of great coverage of Felix Hernandez’s perfect game yesterday. If you haven’t had time to wade through it all, here are some of my favorite reads:

– Zack Meisel of has the reaction from around baseball, from Bud Selig stopping to watch the end of the last few innings to players in various clubhouses erupting as he got the final outs. Great reminder of how the moment extended far beyond Safeco Field.

– Larry Stone of the Seattle Times talks about finally seeing his first no-hitter after 27 years of covering Major League Baseball.

– Bill Chastain, who covers the Rays for, tells us how Tampa Bay’s players viewed the overpowering performance of The King.

– provided a fascinating collection of stats and info on the perfecto, including some interesting observations of how Felix’s fastball got stronger as the game progressed.

– John Harper of the New York Daily News provides the obligatory Big Apple reaction, having been reminded again that, gee, wouldn’t Felix help out the Yankees’ rotation.

– Paul White of USA Today takes a stab at ranking where Felix’s outing ranks among all perfect games in terms of sheer dominance.

– If you want some goosebumps just from watching what this game meant to others, here’s an awesome video of the Double-A Jackson Generals — who include Felix’s older brother, Moises Hernandez — going bonkers as the perfect game played out on the big screen at their ballpark.

– And I’d be remiss if I didn’t link to my own game story about the first no-hitter I’ve seen in person in the time I’ve been covering the Mariners as a columnist and reporter for various publications since 1997.

It was a remarkable performance and in so many ways inevitable, it seems. Randy Johnson is the only other pitcher I’ve followed on a regular basis that gave the feeling that if you were there often enough, sooner or later you were going to see something very special.

For Felix, this is the culmination of a remarkable run during which he’s pitched complete-game shutouts of the Yankees, Red Sox, Rangers and Rays now in his last 10 starts. Those are some of the very best offensive teams in baseball that Hernandez has absolutely dominated.

In that regard, Wednesday’s no-hitter seemed only a matter of time. But a perfect game? As Felix said, “This does not happen every day.”

And thus, he joined this most impressive list: The 23 perfect-game pitchers in Major League history.

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