Start time re-set for 1 p.m. PT after rain delay

They’re going to try to play ball at 1 p.m. PT (or 3 p.m. here in Chicago) as the tarp is being taken off  now at U.S. Cellular Field after about a 90-minute rain delay.

The forecast doesn’t look pretty today, but shows even higher rain percentages later tonight in the 7 p.m. range, so it appears they’re going to try to start shortly and see if they can squeeze it in.

Frankly, there’s not a lot of options as a later make-up date is pretty much impossible. The only common off day the Mariners and White Sox share the rest of the season is Thursday, Sept. 6. But that is in the middle of a Mariners homestand and they play a night game on Sept. 5 in Seattle against the Red Sox.

So it would be extremely difficult to fly to Chicago on the morning of Sept. 6, play a game and then get back to Seattle to resume their homestand the next day.

More likely, I presume, would be making up the game on the day after the regular season ends on Oct. 4 if it was necessary. Given the White Sox’s situation, they may indeed need to play all 162 games to figure out their playoff situation.

The Mariners? I’m sure they’d be happy to still  need to be playing at that point.

But hopefully we get this in this afternoon. Kevin Millwood is on the mound for a Seattle. He’s a veteran who has been through a few rain delays in his 16 years in the Majors.

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