Safeco Fences are moving in next season

Yep, the fences are coming in a little at Safeco Field, with the Mariners announcing Tuesday that some modifications are being made for next season.

The changes aren’t dramatic except in the left-center gap, where at the maximum point the wall will be 17 feet closer than it currently stands. In most places, the move is four feet, but the new fence will cut across from left field to a spot in center at 405 instead of 409, shortening that whole left-center alley.

The other big change is the hand-operated scoreboard in left field that currently is part of the left-field fence will be moved to a new location farther back, leaving just the 8-foot fence from foul pole to foul pole instead of the current 16-foot section where that scoreboard sits.

You can read the full story with a graphic showing the new configuration here and I’ll have reaction from players and general manager Jack Zduriencik this afternoon when we get access to them prior to tonight’s game with the Angels.

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The Mariners need to learn to bunt and steal bases. They do not have a power lineup therefore they must play small ball and manufacture runs. Wedge has to open up and let them run. Get into scoring position and out of the double play. When your offense is appressive and steals bases, it causes the defense to react. They move in a couple steps and now base hits sneak through the infield a little easier. The A’s and Angels use that formula to perfection and always hover at the top of the division.

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