Mariners installing biggest video board in MLB

The Mariners are going big in 2013, at least on the Safeco Field scoreboard, as the club announced Thursday that it has begun installation of a new video board that will be the largest in any MLB park.

How big? We’re talking an 11,425-square foot video screen — just slightly smaller than the monster screen at Cowboys Stadium that is the largest in the NFL.

The new board will fill the exact same space as the old scoreboard set-up atop the center field bleachers that has been in place since Safeco opened in 1999. But the difference is, the old scoreboard was divided into a bunch of sections and only a part of it could be used as a video screen.

The new board is potentially all one gigantic big screen. It also can be divided into sections to display lineups, statistics and advertising at different times. But when warranted, the entire board will convert into one giant video screen for replays or fan shots or whatever the scoreboard operators choose.

Above is an artist’s rendering of what the full screen will look like. Here is what it can look like when divided into smaller sections.

“Northwest sports fans have never seen anything like this,” said Kevin Martinez, Mariners vice president of marketing.

The scoreboard is part of the first major Safeco Field renovations since the park opened in 1999. The club is also moving in the outfield fences from 4-17 feet at various points to help increase scoring in the notoriously pitching-friendly facility.

Some other improvements will be announced later this offseason and the total projects are expected to cost the Mariners about $15 million. And since the question is always raised, no, this isn’t money out of the Mariners player payroll. The club has already said it intends to increase its player payroll budget from the $91 million it started out at last season.

The video board will be 201-feet wide and 57-feet high, or 11,425 square feet total. The largest current video screen at an MLB park is the 8,820-square foot board at Kansas City’s Kaufman Stadium, which measures 84-feet by 105-feet.

I’ve been at Kaufman Stadium and their board is huge, looming over center field, and is quite a sight. So this should be pretty cool for Mariners fans.

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We may stink, but we’ll have the biggest screen in baseball. Why not spend the money on players.

How about somebody that can hit over .230? Pathetic priorities. Have the Mariner’s noticed that the attendance crash might have something to do with a loser that hasn’t scored any runs for about the last 10 years. I’ll no longer pay to go watch them scratch out a run in another 2-1 loss.

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