Mariners indeed were pushing hard for Hamilton

For what it’s worth, I’m hearing now the Mariners indeed were in hard on the pursuit of Josh Hamilton and had strong hopes of landing the slugger before he chose the Angels today.

Though Jack Zduriencik suggested last month that Seattle wouldn’t likely be in position to pursue Hamilton at his original seven-year, $175 million target, the Mariners indeed were willing to go after him full bore on a shorter deal.

Hamilton wound up taking five years and $125 million from the Angels, without ever taking that offer back to the Rangers for a counter, much to Texas officials chagrin as my colleague T.R. Sullivan wrote about today.

I’m not sure exactly where the Mariners fell in those negotiations — and maybe its even more frustrating for fans if the team tried, but still came up short. But it is interesting that they were in the hunt to the end, which was not the case last year with Prince Fielder when the Tigers went with more years and dollars than anybody else was willing to stomach.

Whether that means the club feels any of the remaining free agents like Nick Swisher, Michael Bourn or Cody Ross is worth a similar push remains to be seen. There also figure to be trade possibilities. The Rockies are looking for pitching and likely would be willing to move Dexter Fowler or Michael Cuddyer, but their real gem — Carlos Gonzalez — would come at an extremely high cost.

The Angels suddenly have a surplus of outfielders and certainly could be talked out of speedster Peter Bourjos, though the Mariners seemingly would find a thumper like Mark Trumbo or Kendrys Morales more useful.

The Tigers’ Brennan Boesch has been mentioned as a possiblity, though that one probably won’t excite too many folks. The D-backs might be willing to part with Jason Kubel in the right deal.

Let’s face it, when it comes to trade possibilities, it’s very difficult to predict anything and the Mariners — as with the Jesus Montero and Ichiro deals in the past year — usually come out of the dark and surprise everyone.

Sounds like they tried doing the same with Hamilton, but wound up losing out to the Angels. As they say, coming close doesn’t really matter unless you’re talking about horse shoes or hand grenades. So we move on.


Greg, could be that the Angels had to come up with 5 years @ 125M just to better the M’s offer of possibly 4 years @100M, something like that. Who knows. I’m sure we offered him at least 3 years. Maybe we should concentrate on improving starting pitching. Pitching trumps hitting more often than not.

I thought I wanted the M’s not to land Hamilton but to be honest, I’m a little sad.

What Mariner nation needs is a response, like an apology or an answer or a plan or something like a shred of hope from “Z”. I have been waiting for something, anything since the end of the season. I don’t need a video telling us that the team we have will be better next year because that’s nonsense. Sure we could be better but who’s gonna hit 40 homers, who’s gonna drive in 100 RBI’s, who’s gonna come though on offense when Felix pitches a gem and the opponents average pitching staff pitches around all our .200 to .250 hitters. Z we need an answer and we need it now!!! Give us some hope.

I hear you! At this point I am just looking for a reason to have hope…..sigh

I am glad the Mariners at least got in on the negotiations. I’ve seen a lot of years where I just sat back and predicted any team but the M’s going for the top players. This is probably a good no deal for us as it would have skewed payroll to much for when we try to resign Felix.

I am so happy he did not sign with Seattle. His career Safeco numbers look like Miguel Olivos. I asked plenty of people what they thought about his numbers but got no answer other than more at bats might improve them, but never how or why that could happen.
I was always for signing Swisher. But not as a centerpiece. Adding him should be done to complement a bigger acquisition soon to come. Same with Bourn. The only way this off season is not a total failure is is we sigh Swisher, Bourn AND get Felix extended…….

What I’ve been starting to wonder is why I care anymore. The Mariners are fine with being bad they have made that clear. I think Jack Z is doing what he can but you can’t make chicken salad out of chicken dung. I’m tired of hearing that we are doing this the right way from the ground up, and we need to be patient well last time I checked the fans have to spend really money to watch us build from the ground up. Last year was the first year since 1981 that I didn’t go to a game I listened to most on the radio though, but I have a problem putting my money to these Jack Wagons. I’m convinced The M’s think that the fans are idiots more hydro races,dancing grounds crew and the Pen a place to hang out pay 10 bucks for a beer and not watch the game.
The team will answer to the Hamilton sign by bring in some wasted All-Star from 2005
for a small chunk and hope it works but chances are it won’t . Hamilton is the type of guy in a lineup that makes everyone better,swisher, bourn they are just guys, pieces but not game changers.
The one plus is with the Astros now we have a chance to not finish last.

I would like to thank you “Z” for responding to our frustration and updating Mariner nation on the fact that you are working on improving the team. I apologize for my bluntness but after 10 years I think we are all getting losing blindness and holding out hope is getting harder every transaction that passes. The Hamilton one really hurt. I think if he stayed healthy he could have helped to put us in the post season. That being said, chemistry is more powerful then WAR. “Refuse to lose”

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