Zduriencik confirms big bid was made for Hamilton

Talked this morning with Jack Zduriencik and he confirmed what I’d heard last night, that the Mariners did indeed make a strong push for Josh Hamilton and thought they were in it right until the end, when he signed instead with the Angels.

Zduriencik declined to talk specifics, but repeated several times that the Mariners efforts were “very competitive” and they “made a substantial offer in terms of years and dollars.”

It was pretty clear in talking to Zduriencik that he was very disappointed that this didn’t work out, given the impact he felt Hamilton could have had in the middle of Seattle’s lineup. While Hamilton comes with some risk, like any free agent, he felt it was a prime opportunity to add a big bat without having to give up any of the club’s premier prospects in trade and he was encouraged by ownership’s willingness to step up in that pursuit.

The only loss would have been next year’s first-round Draft pick (the 12th selection overall), which also will be true if they sign Michael Bourn or Nick Swisher. What comes next remains to be seen. He said free-agent pursuits continue, though it will obviously be for a smaller piece now “with the big fish off the board.”

He spoke of potential trades, noting that so far teams were asking for way more in return than he’s willing to part with. It was interesting stuff and if you haven’t seen it, you can read the whole story here on Mariners.com.

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