Just how much is King Felix worth?

Ken Rosenthal of CBSsports.com reported this morning that the Mariners continue to talk to Felix Hernandez and his representatives about a contract extension. That isn’t new as we’ve discussed that numerous times this offseason, the latest coming during the Winter Meetings.

But Rosenthal did put some financial conjecture into the conversation, saying the club is “at least weighing” a four-year, $100 million extension. On top of the two years at $39.5 million left on his present deal, he figures in essence they’d be locking him up for six more years at $139.5 million.

One minor point there. Hernandez actually is set to make $40.5 million over the next two years, as his 2013 and 2014 salaries each received a $500,000 bump due to a bonus in his contract for his 2010 Cy Young Award.

What’s an extra million among friends though, right? The real question is how much money — and how many years — it’s going to take to induce Hernandez to re-up at this point rather than head for free agency in two years. The Mariners aren’t going to want him to get close to that point, of course, and will be forced to think about trading him if he indeed gets closer and closer to that point and they might lose him for nothing more than draft pick compensation.

That’s why all this talk is happening now. And it is pretty subjective, obviously, since Rosenthal doesn’t indicate an offer has actually even been made. But Jack Zduriencik has made it clear the club wants to keep Hernandez and this is just another sign that things could get serious pretty quickly.

How much is King Felix worth? That’s an interesting topic and one that MLB.com’s Hot Stove show took on today as well. You can give that a look here on this video:

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I love Felix but to pay 25M+ a year for 13-14 wins a season is way too much. If the Mariners could trade him for two quality bats and a good starting pitcher they should do it now while Felix is worth it. Can you imagine the Mariners with two more middle of order bats and a #2 starter added to what they have now for nearly the same salary base as 2013? Now they can compete in the American League West.

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