Mariners response to Jesus Montero story

The Mariners have responded to this morning’s New York Daily News report that catcher Jesus Montero’s name was among several MLB players listed in the records of a Miami anti-aging clinic that is being investigated for allegedly distributing peformance-enhancing drugs.

Here is their official response:

The Seattle Mariners strongly support Major League Baseball’s Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program, and are disappointed any time we hear of any players potentially involved with banned substances.

 We are aware of the report which appeared today in the New York Daily News and have been in contact with Major League Baseball to discuss it.

 This matter is now in the hands of the Commissioner’s Office. At this time, with no additional information, we will have no further comment until that investigation has concluded, and all other questions should be directed to Major League Baseball.


I hate this whole “guilty until proven innocent” attitude about doping in the MLB. But I think that time will tell us that associating with known PED clinics and doctors will be the #1 tool for fighting PED use in professional sports. It is unfortunate that such a young player would get mixed up in this especially if he were in a situation where the damn Yankees organization is pressuring players into doping.

Hopefully he’s innocent, but I’d say doubtful at this point… Bummer.

Time to make the cost too high for anyone to use. Not saying anyone in this current fiasco is guilty, just sayin.

Go M’s

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