Zduriencik says Felix talks ‘real positive’

Mariners general manager Jack Zduriencik just stopped by the media room in Peoria to offer an update on the Felix Hernandez contract situation.

Here’s what the GM had to say:

“It’s no secret we’ve been in negotiations. We’ve had really good discussions with his two representatives Scotty Pucino and WIl Polidor and myself and Jeff Kingston and Bart Waldman and have engaged I would say significantly.

“Although I don’t have an update for you right now, I will say I think things have been very positive and there’s been a good tone to our discussions. I hope on a positive note that sooner than later we’ll be able to announce something. But anything of this  magnitude, both in terms of years and dollars, just takes time to work out. I would say at this moment it’s been real positive and sooner than later we’ll have something to say that is significant. Right now that’s all I can comment on.”

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