Felix flying high as he returns to Peoria

FelixGroupFelix Hernandez is back in the house in Peoria, feeling good and sharing lots of hugs and handshakes from teammates and Mariners staffers this morning as he checks back in for the first time since signing his seven-year,$175 million deal up in Seattle.

Hernandez will take things fairly easy today, going through a light work day as he gets back into the swing of things on the field, where his fellow pitchers are a couple days ahead.

He’ll talk to the media after today’s workout, so I’ll update you then.

Michael Morse, who came up in the Mariners organization at the same time, checked in for his physical as position players report today. Morse is among those thrilled for Hernandez.

“I’m happy for him,” Morse said. “He’s a workhorse. We were in Double-A together here and I remember playing shortstop behind him in Double-A and it was the coolest thing because I didn’t get one ball hit to me. He was dominating down there.

“We played in Triple-A together a little bit, too. I remember I got called up a little before him and everybody was asking me, ‘How is that guy?’ And I didn’t want to say anything because I didn’t want to undersell him. I just said, ‘He’ll be here. Don’t worry.’”

Now he’s here for another seven years, at least.

“The sky is the limit for him,” Morse said.

Speaking of, I teased Hernandez about the private jet he flew back and forth to Seattle and he quickly noted, “It’s not mine. I just rented it. … But yeah, it was pretty nice.”

Welcome to The King’s world. Pretty nice indeed.

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The Kings is ours and you cant have him.

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