Pictures from Peoria: Latest from Mariners camp

BeavanBlake1Blake Beavan peers plateward while throwing in the bullpen.


Justin Smoak has been swinging a big bat early, going 3-for-5 with a home run and double in his first two games.


Young prospect Stephen Romero works at third base.


Felix Hernandez either thinks he’s No. 1 or he’s telling the catcher how many more pitches he’s going to throw during his bullpen session.


Pitching coach Carl Willis makes some suggestions to Felix after one of his throwing sessions.


The pic of Willis & Felix looks like he’s some sort of a preist blessing the King…
I guess the Old Time Religion Lives On huh….

O.K…So this was the best way I could think to get a question to you Greg.
I noticed on the Main Mariners site that there is a Pic accompaning the “Mariners Notebook” for today which shows Wedge with a big bandage on his face. Was this from some kind of injury or somthing more benign…I don’t recall seeing any ST pics of him with it from earlier this year.
Just curious is all…..

I love these pictures – Blake looks older than his years on this one. Stephen Romero looks like the real deal. I wonder how soon he is expected up?

I do like the intensity in Blake’s eyes. you can see he’s diald in for the pitch like a hawk ready to strike! Beaven hasn’t stormed on to the scene like some others, but as hs Seasons he is becoming a Solid Pitcher & one that May not be the ace of a rotation (especially when Felix is in theat rotation) But able to anchor the mid to back end of the rotation with solid numbers.

Hey RM, I’ve been meaning to ask you if you go on to the Mariners website & comment on the articles there too….


Beaven looks like Kelsey Grammer in that pic.

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