Beautiful scene at Safeco for opener


Sometimes a photo says it better than anything else. Gorgeous scene here at Safeco Field on Monday night for the home opener, with the huge new video board really setting everything else off.

Here’s what it looked like for the national anthem. Awesome.


What is the status of Guti’s legs? Are they icing them down all the time. Is he still hurt?

Lots of players ice their legs after games, including Guti. Very common. The difference with him is his history of having trouble staying healthy,so they’re being extra-careful with him. I have a note on that on with Wedge tallking about it, if you want a little more detail.

How long will the team go with Smoak, if his batting average stays around or below the Mendoza line? Seems as if we may have some people on the farm that can play first and carry a better average.

A thought on the new video board. Although it was touted as something the fans would love it appears to me that the advertisers are the ones that benefit. Although the board has room for a lot of advertisement the area devoted to the actual ball game seems smaller. There doesn’t even seem to be room for scoring each play!

Why do we play like we don’t care? We went to opening night and watched us win and that was great..but here now two nights in a row we so blow it! Tuesday nights game was sad and tonights even sadder…we don’t have enough good pitchers…are we going to end up like last year and the year before? Why cant we win and get it together? Come on Mariners , keep me believing in you guys! Night after night I sit and watch you blow it..and were at home playing against a team who lost 6 in a row…I guess the Houston players want to win more..

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