Some pregame thoughts as Guti back on Saturday

Looks like Eric Wedge is going back to as close to his normal lineup as possible for tonight’s 5:05 p.m. PT game with the Rangers in Arlington, with Franklin Gutierrez back in place in center field.

Gutierrez started only two of the last seven games, but his troublesome legs were feeling better yesterday and apparently he’s good to go.

Wedge also has shortstop Brendan Ryan back at shortstop after replacing him with Robert Andino last night and Jesus Montero getting the start at catcher instead of Kelly Shoppach.

The Mariners need to get into some rhythm offensively and it certainly would help to break loose a little today against Texas rookie Nick Tepesch (1-1, 3.46), who lost a 3-1 decision at Safeco Field a week ago.

It is early and all, but at 7-11 the Mariners need to show more signs of life than they have initially. Five runs scored in the past four games isn’t going to cut it. This road trip to Dallas and Houston provides a couple good hitter’s parks to help spark the offense. Yu Darvish was tough last night, but the Mariners need to take advantage of the next five games to get a little confidence and momentum with the sticks.

They could also use a solid start from their own rookie right-hander Brandon Maurer, who will be going for his second big league win tonight after topping Texas 4-3 in his last outing in Seattle.

Here’s the full lineup:

Franklin Gutierrez CF
Kyle Seager 3B
Kendrys Morales DH
Michael Morse RF
Justin Smoak 1B
Raul Ibanez LF
Jesus Montero C
Dustin Ackley 2B
Brendan Ryan SS

Brandon Maurer RHP


Please can we say goodbye to Smoak, Montero, Ackerly and Wedge! They are all representative of what is wrong with the M’s, they seem to have forgotten the fact sports is all or nothing. Does anyone think that the stadium would be there if they weren’t winning back then? We are sick and tied of the crap Wedge and his band of losers are putting on field. The pitching staff cannot carry the team, they give up in defeat. I am behind Gutti only if he can play, put him in or replace him with future dreams. It is not fair to the rest of the team to play guys part time that have years of health failures, and three other guys who are almost assured outs, that seem to come up with the production players in scoring possition. I along with many other fans remember when they showed the spring training games on tv. Now we are looking at some of the real games not even being shown, truth is they are at the point of not being missed. Kiss the big TV contracts goodbye unless you dump dead bats and management.

@Don I agree with you 100%

couldn’t agree more. generally its the second week in May that I give up on the M’s and start rooting for the Red Sox, but I had so much hope this year….So ooo I give up, until Smoak and Wedge go i’ll be on the sidline

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