Andino replacing Ryan as starting shortstop

AndinoRobertBrendan Ryan is regarded as one of the premier defensive shortstops in baseball, but his continued lack of offensive production has finally led Mariners manager Eric Wedge to go a different direction.

Wedge said Wednesday he’s going to give Robert Andino a run as the starting shortstop going forward, essentially flip-flopping the roles of the two infielders. Andino, 28, was acquired from the Orioles in a trade for Trayvon Robinson over the offseason.

Andino hasn’t hit well in the early going for Seattle either, carrying a .161 batting average in 31 at-bats into Wednesday’s series finale with the Astros. But he’s a career .235 hitter in eight seasons with the Marlins and Orioles and Wedge is willing to take a shot after seeing Ryan continue his offensive struggles.

Ryan has just one hit in his last 25 at-bats as his average has dropped to .143 in 56 at-bats. After hitting .194 last season, that isn’t enough to make up for his stellar defense.

“I’m going to take it day-by-day, week-by-week and month-by-month, quite frankly,” Wedge said. “I’m going to give Robert a chance to play and see where he takes it. I like what I saw with his work and his approach this spring. I don’t feel it’s been as good in-season, but it’s been a little better here the last week in the cage.”

Andino hit .263 as the Orioles starting second baseman in 2011, but Baltimore was willing to part with him after he batted .211 in 127 games last season.

“It’s an opportunity for Andino to go out and take it,” Wedge said. “He doesn’t have to get four hits today, he just needs to go out there and be a good big-league player and let the rest take care of itself.”

As for Ryan? Wedge isn’t closing the book. He just wants the 31-year-old to work on things to make a permanent improvement in his hitting approach.

Wedge intimated that he’d have made a change last year if the Mariners had a better option. Munenori Kawasaki was the backup infielder last year, but he wasn’t much of an offensive threat either.

“We stuck with him last year because we felt we’d give him every opportunity,” Wedge said. “And quite frankly, we had an opportunity to give him every opportunity, if that makes any sense. But you can’t expect change by doing the same thing every day. You have to change your habits and the way you go about doing things. It’s as simple as that.

“We’re going to give him a chance to work with [hitting coach] Dave Hansen and take a step back, hopefully to take two steps forward. It’s up to him.”


I can’t say I’m an Andino fan, but good luck to him and it is time to move on from the Brendan Ryan Experience, almost beyond time as Wedge said.

About time. Can’t say I have faith in Andino either. Would rather seen Triunfel, Franklin or Miller.

I’m sorry , been a huge fan of the Mariners since day one ..but what a huge disappointment once again this year so far…no one plays like they care…Is it the management? Is it the players? We trade guys away and they play better on another team.. they all suck! Its always former mariners hit a grand slam, former Mariners home run..former Mariner doing so well on another team.. But not our team..what is wrong ??? Pitching sucks ,players suck…….

You suck. It’s hard with the make up of the Mariners to turn it all around quickly. A LOT of talent coming up soon so if you’re really a fan, be patient and stop hating. Go M’s!!!

I don’t hate anyone, nor do I suck…just frustrated with the way things are going …good grief!

wegde’s teeter/totter merry-go-round type of lineup shifting is whats hurting the players. wedge wont let the team maifest into what we all know they can do. wedge should just set it..and forget it!

then he rests a player after going 3-4 the game before. wedge makes no sence at all. he is the root cause of the teams demise. players like joe saunders and harang are the other causes, which stems from jack z decisions. wells/carp gone…for who? bay and ibanez. jack z is crazy!!

but wedge is the root cause. injuries and slumps can be overcome but it takes consistency and perseverance and if wedge cant demonstrate that to his players through lineups then how can expect thesame at the plate from the hitters.

I definitely don’t like how Wedge shifts the lineup around every single day. But I like what Big Z is doing. Bay was a cheap one year sign so Casper and Mike didn’t have anything to do with it. This was a bad year for big free agent bats, so anything was good. It’s still April so let’s relax.

Wedge relying on experienced Andino n Ryan is understandable. But when Franklin n Miller show promise, it is important they get a look in. My guess is if by mid-May, if Andino n Ryan r still hovering around .200, Wedge ll call in Miller or Franklin. Expect Ryan to get going a bit though ..

At this point, I’d rather see Ryan out there. They are both struggling at the plate but Andino is having problems in the field lately too. Ryan has always been this way offensively, we knew that when we got him.

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