Back at it as Mariners return home

My apologies for letting the blog go quiet for the past week, but I needed a break to gather myself and deal with some family matters while I skipped the last road trip.

Of course, even while I’m off, we have other writers filing three or four stories a day on, so the news is always covered. But I’ll be back in the saddle tonight myself as the Mariners return home for a quick three-game set with the A’s before heading out on the road again.

Here are the pitching matchups for the A’s series, which starts with Hisashi Iwakuma tonight against Dan Straily.

And I wasn’t completely away these last few days. Here’s a Mother’s Day piece I did on Kyle Seager’s mom, an interesting lady from North Carolina who has raised three outstanding ballplayers.

I’ll check in from the park this afternoon both here and with the daily updates on Thanks again for your patience with the blog. It was good to get a little time to work on some personal things that sometimes get overwhelmed by the daily grind of an MLB beat.


Did you get to ask Mrs. Seager the origin of Kyle’s middle name, Duerr?

I did not ask about Duerr, though I assume as the oldest of the three boys, he was given some sort of family name.

We love you lots – but Johns withdrawal does not trump family. WB and I hope things are good at home.

Thanks, just saw this now. Yes, things are OK. Much appreciate the support!

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